Greater love has no one than this: 

to lay down one's life for one's friends.

John 15:13

"We breed "TRUE" working Corso"


Cypress Arrow offers VOLUNTEERED disaster relief canine... from search & rescue, narcotics searches, cadaver dogs and even therapy dogs. Each dog has a function and our services are FREE when in need to save a life, find a person, recovery or theraphy.

Your DONATIONS are very appreciated....See below to send donations for travel expenses, food, shelter, training as well as helping us offer our services for FREE to local and state organizations and to help others in need.

We are beginning work with several local and state wide organizations (including Cajun Coast Search and Rescue and Louisiana Volunteer Rescue Network) helping and assisting in many disaster relief scenarios and request for our dogs. If you or anyone you know are in need for our services, please contact us at (318)715-5812 or LAK9.net. We will also be adding more contact information as we start working with many other organizations.

Helena is an LAK9 certified HRD and Cadaver dog 

Tina is also a certified Louisiana USAR tech specialist. Serving Louisiana SAR teams

Max and his DLE certification for Narcotics and Helena with our Cadaver certification

We assisted in Hurricane Harvey rescue in Houston, TX 2017. Total flooding and dangerous conditions. We were successful with LVRN in rescuing over thirty elderly people and kids trapped in a local hotel and nearby homes.

We also assisted in Search and Rescue in Rockport, TX after Hurricane Harvey 2017. This area was badly damaged and we were called in to clear homes and multiple buildings with assistance of the local Rockport Fire departments and police.


Our TDI certified therapy dogs are great for many things with kids to adults.

Unexpected Benefits of Pet Therapy. ... There are numerous studies that indicate animal therapy can reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Pet therapy, or animal assisted therapy (AAT), is performed with a well-trained and certified animal and their handler.

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