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​We breed "TRUE" working Corso

Cypress Arrow's Puppy Contract Guarantee

This Sales Contract is made for a puppy, between Tina Frey (Breeder)

and______________________________________________________(PRINT) Puppy buyer. The BREEDER AGREES to sell pup identified in contract for the purchase price of

$ _______________ USD, Transportation/shipping and ear crop are paid separately by buyer.

Puppies are only Registered under AKC.*No registration will be released or completed until contract has been returned to Cypress Arrow Kennels.

Buyers Address:_____________________________________________________________________________

Buyers Contact:__________________________________________Email:______________________________

Buyer's Signature:___________________________________________________________________________

Registration: FULL Breeding Rights (Co-Owned)

(See Addendum) _____________(Buyer Int)

PET/Companion (No Papers) _____________(Buyer Int)

Conditions of Sale

1. Breeder warrants that the above-described puppy/dog is being sold as purebred Cane Corso registerable with American Kennel Club (AKC) or any other dog registry accepting AKC. Any FULL registration papers will be provided to the buyer or registered/pre-paid by Cypress Arrow Cane Corso and mailed from AKC directly to you or the new owner once completed. If FULL registration is given/sold with this puppy, this dog is not to be used in any kind of cross breeding. It must only be bred to a pure bred, registered Cane Corso. Cypress Arrow Kennel name MUST ALWAYS be the initial/first name on the registration papers when registering the puppy and CANNOT be re-named without the breeder's permission. Some puppies sold as "PET", "Companions" or "Limited" are sold with NO registration papers depending on breeder's discretion. AKC "Limited" registration dogs are NOT to be bred nor registered full registration with any other organization.

2. Breeder warrants that the above-described puppy/dog is in good health and has received age appropriate vaccination(s) and worming(s). A veterinarian health certificate will be provided at time the puppy leaves the kennel (if required or for transporter). Buyer is suggested but not required to have a licensed veterinarian examine the pup within 10 business days after arrival or pickup. If the Buyer’s veterinarian determines the general health of this dog is unsatisfactory, the Buyer may return the dog to the breeder within the first 14 days from pick up date (at the Buyer’s expense) with a written statement from the examining veterinarian , and the Breeder will replace the dog . The Buyer should understand the replacement puppy will be of the same quality, though, not necessarily from the same sire and dam. The delivery costs (and/or ear cropping) of the replacement puppy will be the Buyer’s responsibility.


This provision is valid only if the dog is in the same condition as when it left the breeder's kennel. If the puppy IS NOT returned within the first 14 days or if the buyer is accepts the health of the puppy and keeps, Cypress Arrow Kennel does not have to replace the dog and will not take any responsibility of any cost or expense associated with communicable diseases, ear cropping etc.. Cypress Arrow Kennel is NOT responsible for any veterinarian fees after the puppy leaves the premises.

3. In the event of sudden death of the puppy (within 14 days of purchase) the Buyer must notify the breeder immediately. A state license vet must perform an autopsy to determine death at the cost of the buyer and the result of the report then given to the breeder for review to determine if the cause was due to an inherited defect. The breeder has the right for a second opinion by their veterinarian. If agreed to a genetic defect, the breeder shall replace the puppy within 12 months and no guarantee on pairings, color or pick , only sex.

Genetic 24 month Guarantee

Cypress Arrow Kennel offers a 24 month health guarantee. The Breeder (Tina Frey) will guarantee purchaser that our dogs will be free from OFA “Severe” crippling Hip Dysplasia (non-injury or nutritional related) and from any form of Epilepsy from the date of birth of the dog to their 25th month of age. Once a veterinarian report is submitted to breeder and breeder's vet, the breeder will provide a replacement puppy with a comparable pedigree from a comparable litter. Size and color cannot be guaranteed upon replacement, only sex. This could be a lengthy process. Breeder will have the right to select the replacement puppy. You will not have to give your current puppy back to the breeder. The dog must be spayed or neutered and a veterinarian paper of proof must be sent back to the breeder prior to a replacement puppy to be considered. NO MONIES / DEPOSITS are refunded. In the unlikely event you suspect your dog to have "severe" hip dysplasia or confirmed idiotic epilepsy, the following procedures must be followed in order to qualify for the replacement.


This guarantee does not cover coccidiosis, parasites, cherry eye, entropion or extropion, viral or bacterial infections, dermoids, hypoglycemia, skin conditions, sickness, reproductive issues, Distemper, Coronavirus, Parvovirus, Kennel Cough, torn ACL, un-descended testicals, ear crop standing, ring worm, red mange, size, weight, eyes or any other disease /conformation issues not mentioned. Show or breeding prospects are not guaranteed in any litter.

Hip Dysplasia /Fatal Defect Replacement

1. If you suspect “Severe” Hip Dysplasia, immediately notify your veterinarian and arrange to have the dog’s hips x-rayed. You must have your dog’s hips x-rayed by or on 25 months of age (no later) but not before 18 months of age. This guarantee is void if Hip dysplasia is found after 25 months from the date of birth of the dog or if the dog has been bred prior to 25 months of age. The breeder does not guarantee the puppy will OFA certify or pass but only not be rated as "severe" hip dysplasia with OFA . We will guarantee Pennhip ratings must NOT show "moderate or severe" OA or DJD. We do not guarantee sublaxation, elbows, eyes or patella certification passing. (We guarantee "passing" hip scores under the Breeding prospect addendum with Pennhip not >.62/.62)

2. If “SEVERE” Hip Dysplasia is detected by your veterinarian, a copy of the x-rays must then be submitted to us for our veterinarian to review. In addition, a copy of the x-ray must be submitted to the OFA at your expense and the OFA must find the dog to be “Severely Dysplastic” or Pennhip showing "moderate or severe" OA or DJD.


3. The assessment provided by your veterinarian must state with certainly that the Hip Dysplasia is indeed hereditary (genetic) and not the result of improper care of your pet. Hip Dysplasia can also be caused by diet (overfeeding) and too much exercise at a young age. MAINTAINING THIS PUPPY IN AN OVERWEIGHT CONDITION WILL AUTOMATICALLY VOID THIS GUARANTEE. THE SELLER WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY VETERINARIAN BILL INCURRED BY THIS DOG. The Buyer further agrees to follow the Seller’s recommended feeding program, and keep the dog from becoming overweight and keep the dog off of slippery surfaces and stairs as they are growing.


4. If the dog is found to have any life threatening defect that affects the dog’s quality of life, a veterinarian report and statement must be submitted for our approved for a "possible" replacement puppy. We will guarantee a replacement WITHIN REASON of any life threatening congenital defect reviewed by our veterinarian. Death or injuries beyond the breeder’s control are not guaranteed. We do not guarantee any puppies that have had or require cosmetic or Ortho surgery.

5. Before ANY puppy will be replaced, your vet must provide a statement that says your dog has been spayed/neutered or needs to be euthanized. BREEDER OFFERS ONLY ONE REPLACEMENT with no further guarantee. Contact the Breeder prior to spaying/neutering or euthanizing a dog or this contract is null and void. This guarantee is also null and void if the dog has PRODUCED a LITTER prior to health testing or prior to 24 months of age. All expenses involved in this agreement would be the buyer’s responsibility.

6. Should the buyer of this puppy fail to comply with any of the terms of this agreement, upon court awarding decision of "BREECH OF CONTRACT" the buyer agrees to pay the breeder of the puppy up to $10,000 and no less than $2500 in compensatory damages and for damages to the Kennel reputation and mishandling/treatment of the purchased dog. For each breech, you will be responsible for ALL COST.

Buyer Agreement

1. Buyer agrees that if it becomes necessary to give away , sell or otherwise dispose of this puppy/dog, for ANY reason, buyer will notify BREEDER before taking such actions and the breeder has first rights to take the dog back without question; BUYER AGREES NOT TO PLACE THE DOG IN ANY RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS, DOG POUNDS, PET STORES OR SHELTERS OF ANY KIND; BUYER WILL RETURN THE PUPPY TO THE BREEDER (Tina Frey) AT BUYERS EXPENSE -Buyer agrees NOT to sell, lease, co-own, give or consign this puppy at any time (this includes family & friends). No monies are refunded back to the buyer after a surrender. The breeder will take full responsibility of the puppy once the puppy/dog is surrendered or taken back and the buyer no longer has any rights to the dog whatsoever . The registration must be signed back over to the breeder or buyer must sign a supplemental transfer for AKC. The Buyer also AGREES that at anytime the breeder has all rights to do a home inspection and check on the puppy. The breeder has legal rights to take possession of the dog if for any reason the dog is suspected to be mistreated or suspected to be abused. This guarantees that the puppy will not go into the wrong home and be abused or allowed to harm others. If there should be a tragedy of the BUYER such as death or physical inability to care for this puppy/dog, then this puppy/dog is to be immediately surrendered to the BREEDER (unless other suitable arrangements are made in writing with the Breeder).


2. Buyer agrees that the puppy will reside in the home of the Buyer, and be provided with a good quality diet, and all age appropriate shots, and worming on regular schedule as detailed by the breeder. The buyer agrees to accept full responsibility for confining the dog to a suitable fenced yard, never chaining the dog, or excessively crating the dog, nor allowing the dog to roam free .

3. Buyer also agrees that this puppy/dog will not be used in the sport of dog fighting/combat of any type.

4. Basic obedience training and proper socialization is priority in sake of the puppy/dog and buyer agrees to invest monies and/or time into the training as often as possible. Breeder can help in finding a reputable trainers in your area if needed. Basic obedience training is MANDATORY not optional BEFORE the dog is 12 months old.

5. If these commitments are not met and the safety of the dog is compromised, the dog will be removed from the buyer’s premises and ownership revert back to the breeder with no refund to the buyer. This will also be sent in to AKC, ASPC and the local law enforcement for record.

6. Buyer agrees not to take training or health care advice from Google, nor Facebook nonqualified people… training and health care recommendations are only to be given by Breeder and/or qualified working/show trainers or individuals that have worked/shown with guardian breeds.

7. We Do Not guarantee temperament if buyer does not put in training, socialization, care and effort to raising their puppy. This includes obedience training from a certified trainer that have worked with guardian breeds.

8. BUYER agrees that should the BUYER(s) of this dog separate or divorce and an amicable solution for the dog cannot be reached and agreed to by both parties, ownership of the dog will revert to the BREEDER and the dog and registration papers shall be returned to the BREEDER within 7 days of the BREEDER’s request for the dog to be returned.

9. BUYER agrees that should the BUYER become incarcerated, non-ambulatory for an extended period or die, ownership of the dog will revert to the BREEDER and the dog and registration papers shall be returned to the BREEDER within 14 days of the BREEDER’s request for the dog to be returned.

10. BUYER agrees that in areas where Breed Specific Legislation is effective or becomes effective where the dog resides, the breeder has the right of immediate repossession at the owner’s expense if the legislation would endanger the life of the dog or diminish the dog’s quality of life.

11. Neither party shall have the right to assign or subcontract any part of its obligations under this agreement.


HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENTBUYER agrees to release and hold harmless BREEDER for all liability, damages, or injuries caused either directly or indirectly by the dog to any person, whether actual or legal or to any property, whether real or personal. Furthermore, BUYER assumes full liability for any damages or injuries, whether physical, mental, emotional or economic, caused by the dog, to any person, whether actual or legal or to any property, whether real or personal, after receiving and acknowledging delivery and repossession of the dog. Buyer(s) further agrees to indemnify or reimburse BREEDER because of any costs or expenses incurred by BREEDER because of any act of BUYER causing liability, damages, or injuries as set forth herein No other claims other than the provisions mentioned above shall be made.




(Breeding Rights On Dogs/Bitches)

Breeder will Co-Own until following is met on any dog or bitch.

• The Dog cannot reproduce without minimum of Hip clearance (described below)

• 19+mths age before breeding

• Earned minimum of one of the following in AKC: CGCA, TT, CH, RN and/or recognized working title (Rally, Obedience, Agility, scent work, etc)

Buyer INT:________________

A show/breeding quality puppy is a dog that meets AKC/FCI breed standards of coloration, type and free of disqualifying faults deemed by us at the time of sale to successfully compete in the conformation show ring. This is NOT a guarantee said dog/puppy will finish any or all applicable titles. “If Owner decided to pick against Breeders show/working recommendation Breeder will not guarantee Puppy as a show/working prospect, structure, temperament, ability or function.”

Lack of Proper Socialization/Training, lack of or no communication, or Buyer miss represents themselves ...Breeder has a Right to take puppy back with no compensation paid to Buyer.

This puppy is NEVER to produce a litter without written permission from the BREEDER while under co-ownership. If the buyer breeds, attempts to breed or accidentally breeds, the dog/bitch, the Breeder has the right of immediate repossession of the dog/bitch or dog, including all papers, without any reimbursement, buyer will also owe the Breeder liquidated damages of $2,500 per puppy born for breach of this contract, Every puppy that resulted from such a breeding would not be able to be registered and or any individual registration if contract is broken or stipulation are not honored.

Puppy cannot be Altered without Permission from the Breeder, Buyer cannot sign for litter registration without consent from Breeder/Co-owner in writing

MALES: Breeder will have opportunity and access to a dog throughout the dog's Lifetime to use/collect/store semen free of charge for Breeders owned or co-owned females. Collection/delivery/AI cost responsibility of Breeder*** (If Buyer Refuses to allow breeder to use the dog....The dog becomes the property of Breeder and surrender within 24 hours, with all documentation, vet records, AKC titles, signed off registration with no compensation to the Buyer). All Stud services outside owned/co-owned females 100% funds go directly to Buyer; All Stud services must be approved by Breeder before mating occurs while under co-ownership.

PASSING HIP SCORES FOR BREEDING DOGS: Pennhips must NOT show "Moderate or Severe" OA/DJD and laxity must NOT be greater than .62/.62 on either hip. NO OFA prelims required.

Buyer Int:_______________________