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to lay down one's life for one's friends.

John 15:13

"We​ breed TRUE working Corso"



Training is Priceless - Make sure your dog is trained by an experienced dog trainer that has years of knowledge and experience. We not only train obedience but also correct bad behavior including aggression issues, digging, jumping and much more. Call us for an evaluation on your dog - 318-715-5812 

See our Training Agreement below

We specialize in dominant and guardian breeds

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ABC/APDT Certified Trainer & Mentor Trainer


Tina Frey has over 20 years experience in canine obedience training , bite work, and protection training. She is an ABC Certified trainer and mentor trainer and with APDT. 

Tina is also an AKC S.T.A.R., CGC, CGCA, CGCU Evaluator. 

Discounts to our puppy owners (Puppy classes below)

Basic Obedience

Board & Train 

​This is a four  (4) week boot camp program to jump start your dog's training. It's 1 on 1 with your dog and the handler course is with you (the dog owner) once you pick up your dog. We video his/her progress as we go during the 4 weeks.  

(our puppy owners  start at $850) 

non-puppy owners start at $975 for 4 weeks

Includes: Sit, sit stay, down, down stay, recall

front, extended stay, heel (LLW) and correction of any

bad manners such as jumping.

CGC title if temperament permits at time of pick up handled by the owner

Includes: Collar/equipment and treats used in our training 

Advanced (off leash) Obedience 

starts at $1500 (puppy owners) and $1750 for non-puppy owners for 4-5 weeks

All the cues in basic except is done off leash.

CGA/CGCU title if temperament permits and handled by owner at time of pickup

Includes equipment used in our training and treats


Certified Service Dogs that MEET the ADA.gov requirements 

Blood trail / Tracking 

PTSD dogs

AKC Rally / Obedience


AKC Canine Good Citizen® and S.T.A.R. Puppy® Program training and testing

Targeted training

Courses based on your dog’s specific needs

Flexible scheduling

Competitive rates

Bite Work / Protections Consultation (most dogs must be a min. of 12 months old)

Any type of evaluation including conformation starts at $150

BOARDING at Cypress Arrow Kennels:

Please call for openings and reservations

Daily Rate: $15 (our puppy owners) -$18 per day (non puppy owners) / Breeding dogs $10 per day 

Includes: daily exercise - cooling fans - clean kennels and beds - Lots of TLC


Our Puppy program is a 2 week boot camp for puppies 18 weeks to 6 months old.  Puppy classes are $500 

The puppies are taught very basic obedience with socialization and addressing any issues or bad habits started. This is a great program to start your dog. Call for more information


Tina Frey's experience is multifaceted. She studied over 5 years college veterinarian studies at NSU and many years experience that increased her animal care abilities, genetics and breeding. Tina bred and showed CHAMPION AQHA PHBA conformation and cutting horses in the 1980's & 90's as well as bred many other breeds of canine with her father. Back then she also was involved in Cattle dog shows....earning titles on working cow dogs. Tina has over 20 years experience in training and currently a CERTIFIED OBEDIENCE TRAINER through an accredited college. She also certifies AKC CGC and S.T.A.R. Puppy awards and titles. Tina also is a lifetime member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers)

On top of the list .....Tina is currently the president and founder of the Louisiana PROTECTION SPORTS ASSOCIATION (CENLA) Club and will be hosting PSA trials and sanctioned Street Dog events in the southern region. She's also proud to say that she has championed (owner/handler) her own Cane Corso in AKC & UKC and was able to handle and certify a couple of the Corso in narcotics work. Tina has also trained and titled Corso in AKC Rally obedience,TDI and other obedience/temperament titles. Having a couple of her Corso in the Movies (HBO) was just a bonus. With Tina's experience and love for canine.....her animals depend on her daily and are happy on our ranch here in Central, Louisiana


  1. A copy of a current shot record is mandatory 
  2. 50% of training cost. (Check or Cash)
  3. The dog's food for 4 weeks (at least 40-60 lbs)
  4. Do not leave any leashes or collars. 


  1. At pick up, we provide a 1-3 hour handler course to instruct you on how to continue the training and showing you your dog's training he's learned. 
  2. Balance and/or any other cost are due at pick up. 
  3. CGC and or any other paperwork will be completed
  4. Bring copy or picture of dog's registration's number and/or microchip for ID and certificates


[ CYPRESS ARROW KENNELS, its owners, representatives, employees or volunteers shall henceforth be referred to as “CAK.” The above named puppy shall be referred to as “Puppy.” The above named puppy’s owner and/or authorized agent shall be referred to as “Owner.”]

I______________________ , am the Owner of the above named Puppy. I hereby enroll Puppy in the CAK Training Program selected, for the dates specified below. CAK Training has represented to me that the trainer’s facility located at 152 HWY 8 LENA LA 71447 is safe and adequate to keep Puppy for the purposes specified, and that my Puppy will be a nurtured member of the household for the duration of this contract.

If I desire to have Puppy remain in training beyond the above stated Program duration, I agree to pay the following fees for additional days or weeks of training/boarding: • Additional days charged at $25/day (24hr period). • Additional week (7 day period) beyond initial 2 week program charged at $200/week. • Additional week (7 day period) beyond initial 4 week program charged at $195/week.


The owner of the puppy(s) may postpone or cancel any of the lessons or boarding for any reason provided 24 hours notice is given to Cypress Arrow Kennels. Owner of the dog/puppy is only responsible for charges at a pro-rated fee (per day) for the amount of time the dog has been in boarding at Cypress Arrow Kennels.


CAK Training agrees to exercise due and reasonable care for Puppy for the duration of the contract.

I, _________________________________ as the legal owner/agent of the above mentioned puppy(s), having carefully read and fully understand this agreement, Owner agrees to release CAK Training and hold harmless its owner(s), employee(s), or agent(s) from any responsibility and/or liability for injuries, conditions, illness, escape or loss of life to Puppy that may occur during boarding, training, showing or transportation. , I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless CAK and family from any and all claims due to damage the pet may cause to any family members of any third parties during or after training/boarding/showing.


Owner authorizes CAK Training to use the veterinary hospital of their choice to provide emergency veterinary care, should the need arise, necessary for the health and well being of said puppy within the discretion and judgment of CAK Training, during the duration of this contract. Owner agrees to pay any and all such veterinary care expenses in full.


Owner agrees to pay training fees as follows: one-half (½) of fee for selected Program due prior to start of training or at time of drop off. Any additional training period discussed during the duration of this contract shall be agreed to according to the rates specified above, unless more specialized training is requested, which shall be agreed upon and the contract amended accordingly. I understand the training fee includes expenses for training, board, and food. It does Not include scheduled shots/deworming, standard in-house grooming (nails/ears/feet) or bathing. Owner agrees to pay the balance of all training fees and incurred expenses, veterinary care fees if incurred and any other expenses in full before Puppy will be released to go home.

Payment For boarding - $75 deposit for a week or longer stay

***Forms of payment: PayPal (include a 3.80% fee) – Personal Check – Cash – email for PayPal is: [email protected]


Owner understands that CAK Training’s goal is to provide a puppy that is well adjusted and well trained as specified within the details of each program, however, Owner acknowledges that CAK’s Training, its owner(s), employee(s), or agent(s) make no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, as to the performance of Puppy following the chosen training period.

ABANDONMENT: If owner cannot be reached at or near the specified completion date of this contract to arrange final payment and pick-up of Puppy, CAK will consider Puppy to be abandoned. A certified letter will be sent to Owner’s address as provided below, demanding payment within 10 days from the date of receipt of the letter. If Owner does not pay the amount due in full within the 10-day period and make specific arrangements for pickup/shipping of Puppy, at that time arrangements will be made for Puppy at the sole discretion of CAK based on the understanding that Puppy has been abandoned.


The owner/agent will be responsible for purchasing all necessary equipment that the trainer recommends for training the dog(s).

In the event either party deems it necessary to employ legal counsel to protect its rights under this agreement, the prevailing party agrees to pay all expenses including, but not limited to costs and reasonable attorney’s fees. This agreement is set forth by the laws of Louisiana and any attorney litigations must be held in the state of Louisiana, and Rapides Parish.

This training agreement represents the full and only agreement between the parties. The terms and conditions set forth in this agreement cannot be modified or changed in any way unless agreed to by both parties in writing. I have read, fully understand and agree to the above contract terms.

Cypress Arrow Training

CGC Testing in Louisiana

Every Thursday we have STAR PUPPY, CGC, CGCA and CGCU testing in Maurice, Louisiana at LAK9.net and every Saturday at Cypress Arrow Kennels in Alexandria, LA. Please contact Tina Frey for pre-registration.