We Breed TRUE Working Corso
Proven in personal protection, quality, and temperament. 
Guaranteed, and family raised north of Alexandria, Louisiana. 
BOSS is featured in HBO's series "True Detectives" 
HBO True Detectives
 Since 1999 Cypress Arrow Kennel has been breeding champion quality Bel Monte bloodline Cane Corso dogs and puppies (Italian Mastiff).With over 15 years of quality selective breeding and experience,we are well diverse in other breeds and found that the Corso is one breed we admire most due to his intelligence and temperament. Our dogs love our family and children as well as our ranch animals and they are loyal to the end!
 Cypress Arrow Kennel is dedicated to preserving the working ability and intelligence of the Cane Corso. We are one of few Cane Corso Italian Mastiff breeders in Louisiana. We specialize in the working (protection of property) Cane Corso with agility and temperament. We are proud members of the PSA AND NARA. Our main goal is providing selective quality bred canines that are guaranteed protectors of  family and estate naturally. 
    Cane Corso are very intelligent and playful dogs with a kind nature. They are exceptional guard-dogs with a unique natural ability to distinguish friend from foe while also being docile and affectionate with its family and friends.
Worldwide, Cane Corso are lovers of children and the family, but, when necessary, they become a brave and fearless defender of their family, home and property. This is very true. 
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The Frey Family.

Proud Member of 
  "SKY" --Protector of  home & family
Duce's Grey Ghost (half brother to SKY & BRUTUS)
AKC Champion & Cane Corso Regional Specialty
 (NAKC-BIS) - Owned by Martin Herman
All of our dogs are registered:
Champion Bel Monte Bloodlines
     Bel Monte has been breeding Cane Corso longer than anyone in the U.S. They are one of the original breeders and importers of the Corso. Bel Monte has produced twice as many Champions and Grand Champions than any other breeder.
     So, if your looking for a TRUE Cane Corso, Bel Monte breeding is the answer. http://www.belmontecanecorso.com/ - also see our links below to read more about owning this awesome all-around, intelligent breed.
The breed's formal name is correctly pronounced Cawnae Corso NOT " Cane" like the walking stick.
Cane Corso in our Society
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